Hello! I'm Cordi, a freelance furry artist.And this is a place where you can find all the info about my art in one place <3Commissions......................check this form
Links to my galleries are below:

・• Rendered illustration •・

Portrait: 60 USD

Halfbody + simple bg: 130 USD
+ Complex background: 50-100 USD
+ Second character: 90 USD

Fullbody + simple bg: 200 USD
+ Complex background: 50-100 USD
+ Second character: 140 USD

・• Lined illustration. •・


Halfbody: 100 USD
+ background props 30-60 USD
+ Second character 75 USD

Fullbody: 120 USD
+ background props 30-60 USD
+ Second character: 100 USD

More examples:

・• Sketched illustration. •・



Fullbody: 90 USD
+ Second character: 50 USD

More examples:
It's spooky month

・• Character reference sheet •・

Standard pack: 200 USD
*Includes 1 pose, 1 mirrored pose (back view or front view with clothes), a few accessories, text.
Other combinations: ?
*Describe what would you like to see in your reference.

WIth .png file you can have a .psd with all poses and text on different layers, if you ask.If you are commissioning a reference, please have one or two images of your character where I can see their features and markings. If you do not have any images at all, consider character design option instead.

・• Character design •・

Standard pack: 250 USD
*Includes 1 pose, 1 mirrored pose (back view or front view with clothes), a few accessories, text.

WIth .png file you can have a .psd with all poses and text on different layers, if you ask.If you have something specific in mind, please send me some palettes / moodboards / descriptions. I will create only 1 color variation that we can correct, but not change the design entirely.

More examples:
Arianna - NSFW
Red pandas

・• Other •・

・• Vtuber Model •・Bust: 250 USD
Fullbody: 500 USD
This includes a .psd file with all layers separatad, cleaned and named. DOES NOT include rig.

WIll draw/won't draw, in general.YES:
Animals, anthro/furry, humans
Dragons and other fictional creatures
Anything hateful/degrading
If i didn't mention your commission idea here, feel free to ask me.

WIll draw/won't draw, NSFW edition.YES:
Only anthro characters
bdsm, bondage, shibari, collars, latex
paws, tentacles
non-con, violence
feral characters
v0re, inflati0n
anything too extreme (ask me if unsure)

TERMS OF SERVICE:How to make a commission.
Usually I post commission openings on FA and twitter. Fill out this form when it's open ━ https://forms.gle/oL4drDndxRajgYM37 ^-^
My commissions are artist's-choice format, not first-come-first-serve. Unfortunately I will not be able to work with everyone who submitted the form. I'll choose based on my skill for each project, this does not mean that I do not like your characters or ideas, I just have limited time to work on these.2 additional patron-only slots are still in first-come-first-serve format, they are available on my Patreon every couple of months.Payment methods.
✔ P@ypal only
I take payment upfront, after agreeing on you commission idea.
I will send you a sketch of the commission, so you can point out anything you want changed, and you are free to ask for updates at any time. After the lining stage I can make only minor corrections that can be painted over. When drawing is completed I will send you the file and then post it.
To complete a commission it can take from a couple days to 2 months, depending on the queue. You can check your commission's queue place in my trello: https://trello.com/b/EbSTAyl3/cordis-commission-queue-to-do.
After completion, artwork usage.
By You:
- You are allowed to edit the art that I did for you, and/or post it whereever you like.
- Commercial use by you must be discussed when requesting the commission.
- If you recieved a psd file of a character design / reference - do not make adoptables on it, and do not sell it to others, this file is for redesigns and corrections of this one character.
- You may not under any circumstances use the image or parts of it in an NFT or AI training.
By me:
- I may post commission works to my online galleries, portfolio sites and social media accounts and I may use it as promotional material.
- I may reuse any discarded sketches or canceled commission concepts as the basis for other artwork.
- I may post WIPs of commission works as a part of Patreon-only content.
Full refunds are possible if I failed to finish your drawing within 2 months. In this case you will not recieve a final commission result.
Partial refunds are possible if you want to cancel a commission for any reason, in this case the refund amount will depend on how much I have completed already.
As for collab-commissions, please read TOS of the second artist.

If you are interested in getting your own illustration from me and have any questions about it, text me here:

✧ Telegram (work): @cordi_art
✧ Discord: cordi_fox
✧ FA: Cordi
✧ Email: [email protected]